Clash of the Gods

 A fun and versatile start of this year was the production of 3 episodes for the upcoming series “Clash of the Gods” for the History Channel, directed by Chris Cassell. Featuring the stories behind – and recreations – of the myths about titans like Beowulf, Thor and Tolkien’s “Lord of the Rings”; this production took us from pre-Viking ages to the horrors of WW1, visiting Hell, Valhalla, Mount Doom and other unfriendly places! The recreations were shot in Lithuania, while additional material was gathered in the UK, Denmark and Sweden. A truly challenging experience, but with very satisfactory results! Slated to premiere in late summer 09.

25.07.08 The average customer...
08.07.08 Olympic inspiration
22.05.08 Beach Game
17.04.08 Green as green can be.
27.03.08 Playful food
03.01.08 Chief.